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March 26 2014

Writing Articles That Attract a Million Hits - Creating Content to Die For

If you have been reading the articles in this post writing series then you certainly will know already you need strong titles or headlines, the best keywords as well as a smart linking tactic to win your one million hits. - Million Hits Secret Review

But despite having all of these qualities, you may still have one essential ingredient missing and that is the top quality content. Now let me make it very clear i am NOT speaking about the caliber of writing in your articles, rather I am just talking about the quality of ideas within your content.

Why is this so essential in having your article a million readers? Online, popular articles attract links rapidly,. This is the reason. Sometimes in case you have posted it at a high traffic articles directory it is going to quickly get re-posted in several other sites. Sometimes without your resource box (which can be illegal but happens far too often). Many others will re-post it complete with your resource box which means your links is going to be intact, however. This is the fastest way in which your article will get one million hits. And in case it fails to consider off despite a good headline and linking strategy then chances are that your articles was weak. Quite simply, your article was without anything helpful to offer in terms of the brilliant or new ideas and hot tips that your particular readers were seeking.

For the majority of valuable high traffic keywords, only rapid link accumulation will propel you to the top of search engine ranking positions and so win you enormous traffic directly from search engines. And naturally this can only happen with quality content.

So, it is very important that you create content to die for to go with your attention-grabbing article title. How is that this done?

You currently have a solid headline with a promise. Now the next action you will have to do is in writing your article to offer ideas that will shock and amaze your audience. Or solve a pressing problem, then you have a winner, when they can make use of your ideas immediately to create a profit. The kind of article that soars "on its' own fuel" and reaches one million hits without breaking in to a sweat and while you are still gaping in amazement. - Million Hits Secret Review

The next real question is; where you can get such valuable ideas and data to generate "content to die for." This is the easy part. There are many free EzineArticles filled with the kind of information you are searching for. This sort of information is also available on many blog sites and web sites. All that you should have is really a deep fascination with the subject when you surf the net looking for the data that will make the difference in the articles you will end up writing.

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